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Lyall Memorial is engaged in education that is positive, affirming and integrated with the church community. Our goal for Christian education is to assist our congregation to learn how to read: the Bible, the world, their neighbor, themselves.  Love of God, self and neighbor are the great, enduring matters here at Lyall.


We offer nursery care for infants and toddlers on Sunday mornings during worship for those who desire it. The children are brought together for a nurturing, safe and fun time.


We employ story telling and a semi-Montessori approach with our young children, ages 3-7.  Using multi-media as well as a hands-on didactic platform, our curriculum is based on Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman's groundbreaking work: Young Children and Worship. Click here for Sunday School Registration Form


Children ages 8-13 are given the opportunity to compare biblical narrative and themes with the world they are entering.  Matters of world-view, justice, peace and community will be brought to light, as well as matters of positive self-image and values clarification.


Children 14 years of age and above will have the opportunity to enter confirmation, normally a three month experience with the pastor and other trusted sponsors that cover more serious and mature themes dealing with the integration of science and faith, the reality of human suffering in the company of a good God (theodicy), and proper and responsible reading of scripture.


We include our children, whenever possible and appropriate, in many aspects of our church's life. Click here for Spanish brochure


Adults have a great many opportunities to grow.  We offer many groups: inductive bible reflection groups, community building seminars, grief groups, "works-in-progress gatherings."  Come try a group, a dear friend might be there to be met and discovered! Click here for English brochure.

Children's Day  6.12.2016

The Good Samaritan

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