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About us

Worship at Lyall

As the happiest of debtors, we offer praise to God.  We are a congregation guided by the scriptures, interpreted by                            the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ: the Word of God Incarnate.  Through praise and worship, we come to                   understand God, others and ourselves.  Through the witness of the Word, we come to understand and embrace our                          callings as individuals and as a congregation.  In other words, God helps us find our voice.  Invigorated and inspired, we                head out into the week as blessings to the world around us.


Lyall Memorial Federated Church was incorporated in 1926, and the sanctuary was dedicated in 1927.  Initially, the church              was formed as a federation of the Reformed Church in America, the United Methodist Church, and the Society of Friends  (Quakers).  However, many of us are members of other denominations.  One thing that we all claim to be is Christian.


Boards and Committees

Members of the Board of Trustees 

Jim Demus, Church Council President

Pastor Thom Fiet

Henry Kading

Bob Knapp

Carol Poles

Brad Roeller, Chairperson

Andy Turansky

Jan Miller

Joe Credle

Bob Reid, Board Advisor

Kristen Reid, Treasurer, Board Advisor


Committees under the guidance of the

         Board of Trustees

Buildings and Grounds

Classis (ad-hoc committee)

Budget & Finance



Members of the Board of Spiritual Life

Sandy Beaumont 

Diane DeGroat

Jim Demus, Church Council President

Pastor Thomas W. Fiet, Chairperson

Cheryl Giles

Lynn Grainger

Cat Greenstreet, Vice-Chairperson

Louise Roeller

Karen Johnsen

Lorrie Rymph

Committees under the guidance of the

         Board of Spiritual Life

Bible Study

Christian Education

Church Re-Imagine

Grief Circles


Lyall Lunch

Lyall Music

Stephen Ministry


Worship Participants

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